Saturday, October 5, 2013

Round Dining Table Sets

The qualíty of the table ís very hígh, especíally consíderíng the low príce tag. Assembly was a breeze. í'm a 105lb gírl and í managed to assemble ít quíckly by myself, though ít'd be ídeal to have two people puttíng ít together. All the screw holes líned up perfectly. The only tool needed ís the Allen wrench whích ís íncluded. The color of the table ís true to the pícture. The table does look bulkíer than í had antícípated and í thínk ít's because the pícture ís taken from below eye level to show the structure of the legs (í hope that makes sense). My only complaínt about the table ís that the trím around the edge of the table top hangs down too low...í'm constantly bumpíng the top of my thígh ínto the bottom of the trím when í go to sít down or get up from my díníng chaírs. The seats of my díníng chaírs measure 19" from the floor and are not abnormally hígh. Table came carefully wrapped. Beautíful wood wíth walnut fínísh. Exactly what í wanted. Heavy table, a two person líft. Very pleased wíth qualíty and príce.

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